Social Media Tips #1 – Facebook ‘Likes’ for Your Business

Facebook can be a useful tool for getting new business leads and communicating with an audience of your past, present and future customers.

So how is your business set up to use Facebook?

Here is an article with 10 very useful and basic tips for getting Facebook set up :

Implement all 10 of these tips? Which ones are the most important to get done right now?




Support for Steve Andrews – Organiser of Black Dog Ride – in the Pride of Australia Medal

Steve Andrews, organiser of the Black Dog Rides, has been nominated for the Pride of Australia Medal in the People’s Choice Award category. If Steve wins he will donate his $10,000 prize money to the Lifeline crisis support service. This money will go straight to service provision, so it would be great if you could pass on the word and take a minute to vote for Steve at:

Search Engine Marketing – SEO vs PPC

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is getting new customers from search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is on-site and off-site work to get your web site listed and ranking in response to search engine keywords relevant to your product / service.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is pay for performance (click thru) advertising on a search engine. e.g. Google Adwords.

So which one provides small business owners a better return on investment?

Here is an article published on AustralianBusinessSuccess on the topic of Search EngineMarketing – SEO versus PPC.


Web Sites Developed this Month

This month we have produced several new web sites for clients and internal projects.

Client Sites

Installadoor – we have upgraded the look of the site. The next project is to work with the site structure, text and meta data to optimise for key search terms relating to the service provided by this business, namely Garage Door Repair in Brisbane Australia.

Jolt Concepts – this project was to upgrade an existing Shopify web site to help promote and sell fashion sunglasses.

AvariceMedia Project Sites

LinkBuildingCourse – this web site is set up to examine the benefits of link building as an SEO strategy. It contains some articles about link building and some traffic flow examples of sites that have had link building implemented for them.

Digital Camera Comparision & Which Digital Camera – these sites are being developed as part of a micro network informational web sites on buying a digital camera.



Zero Dollar Advertising for Small Business Start Ups

Every business needs to advertise to get new clients. But if you are in the start phase of running your own business, or even if you are just trying to get more clients to your existing business and using your advertising budget means no shoes for the kids, it’s important to have ways to advertise that are cheap and effective.

A new article on Australian Business Success looks at a cheap and effective way to get clients rolling in the door of your service or product related business.


Site Traffic Been Smashed by Google’s Panda/Penguin Update? How to FIX it Now !!

If you have seen a big drop in traffic to your web site on or around the 23 April 2012, there is a pretty good chance you have been hit by either the Panda or Penguin update to Google’s algorithm.

These updates have targeted SPAM in the Google Index.

The reason your web site has been affected may be simple or complex, but fixing it doesn’t need to be:

1) Fix on page SPAM issues on your web site

2) If you can, fix the SPAM issues on backlink pages

3) So called ‘Negative SEO’ isn’t really possible, don’t worry about it, and don’t spend time trying to delete backlinks

4) Add QUALITY backlinks (use a combination of your site’s url, targeted keywords, and non-related words i.e ‘click here’)




Business Card Design

Well done to the AvariceMedia team for completing the business card design for

Anyone interested in investing in a Medical Centre or would like to sell one should contact the Australian wide team:

Business Card Design – MCFS card_Paul Nielsen_outlined

If you would like a business card or any graphic design work completed please contact us.


Completed Web Site –

Well done to the AvariceMedia team for completing another client web site today:

This job included graphic design, web site development and the inclusion of a product catalogue.

If you would like a similar web site developed for your business please contact us.


Avarice Web Site Hosting

Set up a new server for hosting web sites.

Have transferred the following web sites to the new server:


New Domains – 3D Printing & Scanning

Some new domains registerd for stage one web site development:

The domains relating to 3D Printing were inspired by an article I read recently on the coming 3D Printing technology. I first saw 3D printing around about 10 years ago in an advanced manufacturing research facility doing rapid prototyping. The 3D printers are rapidly decreasing in price and at some point will enter the general consumer market.

Is it possible that this will revolutionise the way we shop on the internet?

Instead of actually buying a physical product, you buy a file, download it and print the product from your 3D printer?

Whilst this might seem far fetched at the household level, take a bit of a think about niche distributed manufacturing and an evolution of modern retail shopping. Currently centralised (big factory) is the main game, but what if you could download the design, customise it and then have it made to order from your computer or mobile phone and picked up from a distibution point.

This little cartoon sent to me on Facebook was the inspiration? for the other web site domain:

Aren’t they a cute couple?