Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Stage 1 Web Sites

AvariceMedia has published 2 new web sites this week: OnlineManagementCourse & OnlineBookKeepingCourse Both sites are designed around keywords relating to the topic described in the domain name. We will be monitoring the web sites over the next few months to determine the uptake of search term displays and making a business decision on progressing with these [...]

Web Site Development Project – is developing a range of web sites in the Health niche. A recent web site that has been developed is The site has been designed to target the a range of 2 and 3 words phrase keywords including: how to get fit, weight loss diets, fitness equipment, personal trainers. The site was developed [...]

Client Services – Graphic Design – 1 x Advertising Banner

One of the services that we can provide for clients is graphic design. Below is an example of an advertising banner produced for one of our favourite clients. If you require fast turn around at a cost effective price, just let us know what you need by contacting us here.