Welcome to the AvariceMedia.com Blog

Hi, this is the first entry in the AvariceMedia.com blog.

Since it’s the first entry in the blog, I guess I should clear up where the name AvariceMedia.com comes from.

Well the story goes a bit like this, it was back in 2003 and the new ‘thing’ on the block in internet marketing was Google Adwords. This was back in the time when 1 cent would buy you an easy click thru and the RoI on pay per click advertising was really something to behold.

The name ‘Avarice’ basically came about because the keyword research and pay per click advertising we were undertaking was essentially focused on the emotive niche that you could loosely describe as ‘greed’ i.e gambling, lotto, competitions, free stuff etc etc

In or around 2008 I added the words ‘media’ and ‘dot com’ to the title to more accurately reflect the more diversified nature of the business as it moved forward.

We have diversified away from merely jamming thousands of leads into competitions and lotto entries, but essentially the business is still focused on the emotion of greed in at least some sense.

People will tell you they get into business for all sorts of different reasons, but the truth is most often that you want to make money, and have a really nice lifestyle. That’s the dream, and if you are in business and you don’t have that dream then I guess you should ask why you are in business?

But too often, for many reasons that have been done to death elsewhere, the business ends up running you, rather than fulfilling the dream. So that’s where AvariceMedia.com comes in, all our services are not only designed to be effective and make you money they are also take the workload away. Hey we’d love to help you with the lifestyle thing too :)