New Domains – 3D Printing & Scanning

Some new domains registerd for stage one web site development:

The domains relating to 3D Printing were inspired by an article I read recently on the coming 3D Printing technology. I first saw 3D printing around about 10 years ago in an advanced manufacturing research facility doing rapid prototyping. The 3D printers are rapidly decreasing in price and at some point will enter the general consumer market.

Is it possible that this will revolutionise the way we shop on the internet?

Instead of actually buying a physical product, you buy a file, download it and print the product from your 3D printer?

Whilst this might seem far fetched at the household level, take a bit of a think about niche distributed manufacturing and an evolution of modern retail shopping. Currently centralised (big factory) is the main game, but what if you could download the design, customise it and then have it made to order from your computer or mobile phone and picked up from a distibution point.

This little cartoon sent to me on Facebook was the inspiration? for the other web site domain:

Aren’t they a cute couple?