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Looking for a Web Site Host to put lots of initial stage of development web sites.

Client Work February 2012

We are undertaking some web site development work for these sites in February 2012:

We are interested in Web Site Developers, Graphic Designers, Writers and Virtual Admin Assistants.

New Domains for February 2012

AvariceMedia.com has purchased and is developing web sites at the following domains:

Education, Training & Careers

Adult Sites

Electrical / Electronics – Digital Cameras

Electrical Appliances – Dishwashers

These sites wil be developed over the next few months. If the target audience for them is relevant to a product or service you would like to promote please let us know.

ClientsOnline.info – New Web Site Developed

AvariceMedia published a new web site this week: ClientsOnline.info

This web site was built on WordPress and incorporates content on the topic of finding clients online. This includes SEO, PPC, Social Media.

The revenue streams incorporated into this site include Google Adsense, Clickbank and an Amazon Store specifically targeted to books and information products on the topic of internet marketing.

ClientsOnline joins a link network of web sites and social media sites for the Lead Generation Web Site Network.

New Domains

New web site network development project, AvariceMedia registered the following domains:

The first stage of development will include monetisation thru niche content and Google Adsense.

If you are looking for web site traffic in the relationships niche then contact us about promotional opportunities.

MedicalCentreforSale.com.au – Web Site and Graphic Design

Web Site Development & Graphic Design

Completing a web site makeoever and graphic design (brochure and letter heads) for MedcialCentreforSale.com.au (Avantia Corporate Services).

Also projects under development recently were stage 1 web sites:

And for ParamountSkills we started on developing the template for booster web sites in the government funded trainining course area:

Web Site Maintenance & Tech Support

Our web site maintenance team also fixed some menu issues on the Bayside South Development Forum web site.

Paramount Skills & Training

Starting a new project this week in partnership with ParamountSkills.com.au

The job is going to involve:

  • Refining the sales and marketing system for the web interface of the business
  • Establishing Performance Analytics / Metrics
  • Updating the existing web site (ParamountSkills.com.au)
  • Developing micro domain sites targeting customers looking for information on School-based training and the Government incentives that are available for businesses to emply young people.
  • Developing Social Media presence
  • Search Engine Marketing / Link Building

Skills need for this project will include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Writer / Web Site Content
  • WordPress Designer / Developer
  • Social Media
  • Virtual Assistant / Link Builder
Paramount Skills Web Sites

New Stage 1 Web Sites

AvariceMedia has published 2 new web sites this week:

OnlineManagementCourse & OnlineBookKeepingCourse

Both sites are designed around keywords relating to the topic described in the domain name.

We will be monitoring the web sites over the next few months to determine the uptake of search term displays and making a business decision on progressing with these domains to Stage 2 development.

If you have a product or service that is related to the topic of these domains and you are interested in partnering with AvariceMedia.com to generate leads for your business, then please contact us.


Web Site Development Project – OnlinePersonalTrainer.info

AvariceMedia.com is developing a range of web sites in the Health niche.

A recent web site that has been developed is OnlinePersonalTrainer.info

The site has been designed to target the a range of 2 and 3 words phrase keywords including: how to get fit, weight loss diets, fitness equipment, personal trainers.

The site was developed and indexed in search engines and a small amount of inbound link building has been undertaken.

The volume of search displays and click thrus are currently being monitored.